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Firmware development for ARM Cortex-M and ARM7 microcontrollers


ARM core microcontrollers are in the center of DISTORTEC’s field of expertise. These powerful, yet cheap devices are capable of executing complicated algorithms at hundreds of MHz. Vast selection of math instructions (floating or fixed point, DSP) along with extensive set of interfaces (USBETHCANI2S, …) make them the future of digital electronics.

Embedded designs without compromises – powerful devices that suit your needs

bare PCBDISTORTEC can help you at every stage of designing a new solution – from specifications, through circuit design, prototype assembly, firmware & software development to mass production. Modern embedded control and monitoring is what DISTORTEC was started for.

ARM core processors’ JTAG

JTAGJTAG-lock-pick Tiny 2 is an ARM core processors’ JTAG using USB 2.0 bus to connect to PC. The device is based on FTDI FT232H chip – a single channel USB <=> UART/FIFO converter. Designs goals of JTAG-lock-pick Tiny 2 project were to create a small and cheap, but at the same time fully functional and fast, interface that would fit various needs.

distortos – advanced real-time operating system for deeply embedded targets

sourcedistortos is an open source fully preemptive RTOS for microcontrollers. It uses object-oriented design and is written in C++11. Broad set of features aim for maximum compatibility with POSIX, thread support library from C++11 and other established standards, while avoiding any dynamic memory allocation.